Since its founding, Post-Tech has directed its energy to providing outstanding expertise and technical solutions to a state and local Governments agency and the private sector client-base. Post-Tech supports large-scale information technology and small single computer installations.

Adobe System required an upgraded Job Cost system that would run in FileMaker. Post-Tech reconfigured FileMaker to run in the latest version and trained staff in the new implementation.

Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) required an alternate to Access to run golf course systems. Post-Tech designed FileMaker to run all aspects of the associations database requirements.
Santa Cruz Public Library (SCPL) reviewed their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) costs and found the SIP phones would save of $100,000 per year. Post-Tech provide the ROI calculations and structured the system requirements
Greenhouse Systems USA required an upgraded server and systems. Post-Tech reconfigured the servers and moved the phones to a secure location.
Martine Inn required an upgraded reservation system and web site. Post-Tech installed BookingCenter and the associated server environment.
TomatoFest required an upgraded E-Commerce system that would run in online and cut manpower requirements. Post-Tech configured Volusion to run and trained staff in the new implementation.
Adobe Systems, NCGA, SCPL, Martine Inn, TomatoFest are all registered trade Marks of the respective corporation


Photos by B. Post: Ano Nuevo State Park - Santa Cruz